Written by: Nicole Roberts

Birdflesh rocked Cave-in-Rock, Illinois when they played the Disintegrator Stage on Saturday, September 7 at Full Terror Assault. In this Q+A, drummer/vocalist Smattro Ansjovis talked to FTA about the Swedish grind band’s unique grind sound and their split release with Organ Dealer, another grindcore band on FTA’s 2018 lineup.

Birdflesh was one of many grindcore bands performing at Full Terror Assault this year. What sets you apart from other grind bands on the lineup, such as Organ Dealer, Handsome Prick & Goremonger?

SA: Well, we are from Sweden. We mix our grind with death, thrash, black and crust. Also a lot of humour. We also dress a bit strange.

Since Organ Dealer also played FTA, let’s talk a bit about your split with them. Why did you choose to do a split release with this group? What about their sound compliments your own?

SA: We became friends with Organ Dealer when we played together at Montreal Earslaughter. Then we met again at Maryland Death Fest. We decided to do a split because we are friends and that’s what a split should be about. Even the labels are good friends of ours.

Their sound is more modern and more powerful than our sound. We used an old thrash sound for the guitar. I think it’s a sample of the guitar sound from [Metallica’s] Kill ’Em All, actually. Soundwise, Organ Dealer killed us on this split. But our riffs are immortal.

How was your latest re-release, Night of the Ultimate Mosh, different from its original release?

SA: The Night album is just a re-release of our second album we did in 2002. It’s been sold out for a long time so we thought it was time to feed the world again with this opus.

How are American metal fests different from European festivals? Which do you prefer?

SA: We have only played Maryland Death Fest before so I can’t really say how American fests are different or which I prefer. All I can say is that we are looking forward to FTA!

What are you most excited for at FTA?

SA: To play for crazy people and hang out with fans! If we have any of course!
I think it’s safe to say that, after their wild FTA debut, Birdflesh has more than a few US fans.

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